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"I do believe it is pineapple."
There was a thunder of applause. There had to be; even if you hated Vetinari, you had to admire the timing.

  • Moist's interview with Sacharissa.
  • The impromptu auction of Pucci Lavish's one Dollar Bill.
  • Moist controlling the the Four-Thousand Golem Army of Um.
  • Everything Moist did at the trial, from confessing everything about his past to taking a Pie in the Face for Havelock Vetinari.
    • His confession is one of my favourite scenes in the entire Discworld series. And it makes me think about what Vetinari is thinking at that moment.
  • Amoral Attorney Mr. Slant repeatedly cowing the Lavish family lawyers with his Death Glare (Literally. He's a zombie) at Moist von Lipwig's trial.

Mr. Slant did not, despite what had been said, have the respect of Ankh-Morpork's legal profession. He commanded its fear. Death had not diminished his encyclopedic memory, his guile, his talent for corkscrew reasoning, or the vitriol of his stare. Do not cross me this day, it advised the lawyers. Do not cross me, for if you do I will have the flesh from your very bones and the marrow therein. You know those leather-bound tomes you have on the wall behind your desk to impress your clients? I have read them all, and I wrote half of them. Do not try me. I am not in a good mood.

    • Yeah. Probably the only lawyer in the city who could take him on and have even the slightest chance of winning would be Mr. Morecombe, Vimes's lawyer, who's even older (he's been the Ramkin's soliciter for over 400 years, compared to Mr. Slant who's only 351 years old).
      • My money'd still be on Slant. Presumably Mr. Morecombe's spent a portion of that 400-year career asleep in his coffin; zombies, like golems, can be on the job 24-8.
      • Also, Morecombe is a member of the legal firm Morecombe, Slant and Honeyplace. I believe conflict of interest laws would prevent them from representing opposite ends of the same case. (Assuming Ankh-Morpork law follows this principle, a staple of the legal system after which it is modeled.)
        • Not necessarily - the British equivalent of trial attorneys are Barristers-at-Law who, while they may belong to 'chambers' and share office space and clerical staff, nonetheless remain self-employed and thus able to represent opposing sides in a legal dispute and appear against one another in court with no such conflict of interest applying.
      • So basically the only lawyer who could possibly compete with him is in the same law firm(not to mention Honeyplace(who this troper has no idea if he's been seen in court or not), and even then he could, and probably did before they partnered up, defeat them with he wanted.
      • On another note: He manages not only to give a Badass Boast with a look, he gives them the same look any time they try to get up the rest of the trial, effecitvly beating what appears to be around 30 lawyers with a few glares. You have to wonder if he partnered up with Morecombe and Honeyplace or they teamed up with him because he was that good.