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  • Vimes basically saves all their asses with his awesomeness and a sack of coffee.
  • The Reveal at the climax, Sergeant Jackrum convincing the one third of Borogravia's high command by recounting how they are all women who she helped get into power to let Polly's squad go and force the country's first truce, was pretty awesome.
  • Jackrum's entrance.

"Jackrum stood there, shining like the sunset. The light glinted off his shako badge, polished to the point where it would blind the incautious with its terrible gleam. His face was red, but his jacket was redder, and his sergeant's sash was the pure quill of redness, its very essence, the red of dying stars and dying soldiers. Blood dripped off the cutlasses thrust into his belt."
"Upon my soul, I am not a violent man." No, you certainly aren't.

  • Lofty's... innovative door-opening strategy.
  • "I want my sixpence back, you son of a bitch!"
  • The Girls' Working School mysteriously burns down the same day two slim masked figures rob a bank. And we all wish Tonker and Lofty the best of luck.