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  • Vimes repeatedly outplanning and therefore curbstomping Stratford.
  • The Colonel calling out his wife and the other magistrates for their actions. And then going to the pub despite her telling him "that drink didn't agree with him", quipping that he thinks it's time that he and drink set aside their differences. Pratchett is a master of extending a metaphor to awesome and hilarious ends.
  • Feeney gets one in his first appearance when he comes to Ramkin Hall to arrest Vimes. When Vimes refuses to be arrested, Feeney toses him on his arse with a martial arts throw taught to him by his grandmother, a native of Bhangbhangduc. VIMES.
  • Most things Wilikins does
  • Sybil. Just....Sybil. She's been shown to be supportive, competent, shrewd, loving and deceptively cunning in previous books, but this time out, we get a very blatant example of her ability to move mountains with nothing but her address book.