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  • Every single scene with Young Sam and the goblins.
  • Vimes buying boots one and a half sizes too big because telling Sybil that the socks she makes are horrendous would break her heart.
  • "Thank you for being kind to the boy from Cockbill Street." "I waited a long time for you to turn up, Samuel Vimes, and I don't intend to let you go to waste!"
  • The aristocracy of Ankh-Morpork and elsewhere (usually portrayed as bigoted, stuck up snobs) are so moved by Tears Of a Mushroom's music that basically the entirety of the Sto Plains decides to emancipate the goblin race and grant them full rights immediately. Considering how resistant they were to tolerating dwarfs and trolls, one wonders if it is possible for an entire society to have Character Development.
  • Learning that Brick, the troll (now recovering) drug addict from Thud, was adopted by Detritus and Ruby.

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