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  • The Abbot, who as a serial reincarnator has an adult mind in a toddler's body. He alternates from a sophisticated vocabulary to saying things like "Wanna bikkit wanna bikkit WANNA BIKKIT". He's also seen hitting people with his toys.
  • The exchange among the Auditors turned human over what their names are, with one viciously stealing whatever name is claimed to be superior.
  • One of the Auditors thinks that the word "organ" makes a good insult. This results in such gems as "Do as I say, you organic organ!"
  • Using chocolates as weapons. Heck, the entire running battle against the Auditors, including using signboards against the very literal-minded Auditors.
  • When Susan approaches Nanny's cottage and looks at her garden an all the lawn ornaments there, one of which is a gnome holding a fishing rod... except that it's not the fishing kind of rod. Yep, that's Nanny lawn ornament all right.
  • War, the Anthropomorphic Personification of, well, war, is being henpecked by his Valkyrie wife. Even as he rides out