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Rincewind: As far as leaders go the only reason I'd follow him into battle, is out of curiosity.

Dibbler: Dragon Detector sir?
Rincewind: How does it work?
Dibbler: When the end bursts into flames you've found your dragon, 1 shilling. I'm cutting me own throut.

Bursur: We have wisdom and you do not. For instance. This is the action of a clever man (throws a paper plane to Rincewind)
Rincewind: What's so clever about writing down the word monkey? (librarian does the tarzan and hits Rincewind)
Bursur: Wisdom, my lad, is never cheap.
Rincewind: Well I didn't know you were selling it by the pound. (comical drum roll)

Chucky the Jester: Oh a visitor.
Puppet: Oh Chucky Chucky Chucky!!!