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  • Rob Anybody reading "Where's My Cow?" to his children.
  • "You forgot the last three lines. Strength enough to build a home, Time enough to hold a child, Love enough to break a heart."
    • Followed by a literal moment of "heartwarming" when Tiffany channels the heat of the sun and melts the Wintersmith, leaving behind only the nail from his heart.
      • --And drew down the sun.
  • Granny Weatherwax getting caught with the kitten You curled up under her hat.
  • In the first chapter, Tiffany requires a bonfire so she can channel the heat to melt the snow and free the lambs. Her brother is also out there. When the bonfire runs low, her father throws his coat on the flames, and has to be held back from following it. For his children.

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