Discworld/Wintersmith/Tear Jerker

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  • Rob Anybody reads Where's My Cow? to his children. The idea of Where's My Cow? as a metaphor for going to extremes to be a good father...
  • The part where the townspeople are still asking Miss Treason for help even after she's dead made me cry a little, as well as this:

And just as she was about to speak sharply to the villagers for still bothering Miss Treason, she remembered the packets of Jolly Sailor tobacco that the shepherds even now left on the turf where the old shepherding hut had been. They didn't write their petitions down, but they were there, all the same, floating in the air:
Granny Aching, who herds the clouds in the blue sky, please watch my sheep. Granny Aching, cure my son. Granny Aching, find my lambs.