The stories we could tell...

  • First of all, many jokes are repeated countless times through the series and yet they're funny every single time.
  • This Troper finds himself cracking up every single time he watches the "Posada" episode: Mr. Barriga is sweeping the patio's floor, unaware that El Chavo is nearby, swinging a little piñata around in expanding circles, approaching inch by inch to unsuspecting Mr. Barriga's head... and then suddenly striking Quico, who was behind of El Chavo, off-screen.
  • Quico and Ñoño ask Don Ramon about El Chavo.

Don Ramon: He was here a minute ago... looking for a fat guy and an idiot.
Quico: He was looking for us!! =D

  • Quico and El Chavo are giving a bath to the latter's new dog (Which is named "Little Ramon"). So, when Quico turns, El Chavo accidentally brushes soap into the boy's shorts. Cue to his response:

Quico: El Chavo... I think I made a mistake.

  • The episodes of the Vecindad fair, specially the cultural acts from the kids:
    • The Poem/Story of "El Perro arrepentido" by El Chavo. Complete with overly dramatic gestures. This is also the only poem the kid knows, so it appears every time
    • The Last Word Save of Chilindrina when she getsx stuck in her song

"Ay virgencita / llevo las flores / y lo que sigue / se me olvidó" ("Oh, Holy Mother / I bring you flowers / and what it follows / I just forgot")

    • The "Sapito" (Lil' Froggy) song that Quico sings. The song is a cutesy frog-themed counting song (in the style of the "100 bottles of beer in the wall" travel song), setting a Overly Long Gag that only ends when someone intervenes around the sixth or seventh frog, leading to the answer:

Quico: But if there is still about 100 froggies left! :(