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The vecindad is in the planet Ork

That explains why all the children in this universe are the same age as, or older than, their parents - Orkans grow up backwards.

The vecindad is actually a residence for people in the terminal phase of alzheimer

By the final stage of the disease, the patients can't remember anything but the time when they were children and act as such. Most of the "adult" characters are actually nurses: That's why none of them is married and do not look like their supposed descendants. In order to not upset the patients with too many new ideas that they will forget anyway, they just play the game running inside the patients heads. This is also the reason why Chavo, Chilindrina and Kiko have always the same reactions, catch phrases and live too many similar days. They simply can't realize they are being repetititve.

Doña Florinda has one-sided Unresolved Sexual Tension with Don Ramon

More precisely some kind of BDSM fantasy with Don Ramon, she is just easily provoked to slap him even while there is little to no evidence of Don Ramon doing anything to Kiko or herself, plus, in the animated series there is a moment when she is taking a nap, what she sees then is Don Ramon trying to kiss her and she is promptly awake, BUT, she was in her house, no other factors play a role in that "fantasy", she just had it.

One or more of the characters are actually TimeLords.

El Chavo and the others can assume the forms of adults dressed as children, hence their childishness. Also, the vecindad is really one giant TARDIS.

    • No, El Chavo's barrel is his TARDIS and Don Ramón is The Master

Don Ramon planned the death of Chavo's parents

Chavo's father was another boxer during Ramon's days in the ring, but the Karmic Death of his wife caused him to retire from the ring, or continuing The Plan. Since Chavo lived with an old woman, Ramon didn't had a single hint of guilt. After said old woman died, Ramon, despite being abusive, became the closest thing to a gather for Chavo, out of guilt. Proof of this is the dream in which an sleep-walking Ramon takes dishes to the ever-hungry Chavo.

Doña Clotilde[1] really is a "bruja" (witch)

Think about it, she was the one character interested in spiritualism sessions in the sleepwalker episode and tried to summon the spirits.

  1. AKA: "La Bruja del 71"