El Chavo del Ocho/Heartwarming

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  • When Chavo eats up the entire stock of Doña Florinda's churro stand, Don Ramón decides to take the rap for him. When Florinda shows up at the stand, he says "IT WAS ME!" and braces himself for his punishment. Florinda replies that Chavo already confessed to eating the churros, and adds, with surprising sincerity, that "It's nice to have A Man for a neighbour".
  • In the episode in which Sr. Barriga is finally going kick Don Ramón and Chilindrina out of their house, Quico runs to tell his mother the news in order to cheer her up by reminding her about the departure of her long time enemy. He finds that after all that time, she has grown acustomed to the people around her, even when she doesn't really like them and wonders where those poor people are going to live. She goes on to ask Quico if he would like them to leave the neighborhood, he acts reluctanct to admit it but eventually confesses that he wouldn't.
    • Later in that episode, when Sr. Barriga enters Don Ramón's house to evict him, he finds his photo album and, seeing his pictures as a boxer, he proceeds to tell Don Ramón a sob story about how, a long time ago, he (Barriga) owed a lot of money to some loan sharks. He then went to a boxing ring and happened to see Ramón preparing for a fight, and then he proceeded to bet all his money... on the other guy. Where's the heartwarming in this, you ask? Well, first it's because he decided to forgive Don Ramón's debt based on this story (before mentioning the "betting on the other guy" part). Second, because after he leaves, Professor Jirafales, who happened to be passing by, confronts him because he thought he had heard Barriga never attended any boxing match. Barriga confirms this and, before Jirafales' befuddlement, he adds:

Professor, if those people leave there... Where will they live?

  • Overlaping with Tear Jerker, in the episode where El Chavo is Misblamed for theft, ostracized by everyone and leaves temporarily. It traumatised several generations: seeing everyone calling him a thief at his face is pretty hard to watch. Made even better or worse by the ending: when El Chavo is cleared, he is talking to his friends about the time he spent away from the vecindad: he had gone to a church and, after being counseled by a priest, he decided to pray to God. Chilindrina and Quico assume he was praying for the thief to be caught, but Chavo instantly corrects them, saying he prayed for the culprit's reformation. The thief overhears this and is so touched that he has a Heel Face Turn and not only returns everything he stole, but he also gets El Chavo a ham sandwich.
  • Another one is when Profesor Jirafales tells Don Ramon truly loves teaching and genuinely wants the best for his obtuse pupils. The kids overhear this and they write on the blackboard: "We all love you sir!".