2010: The Year We Make Contact/Funny

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  • Dave Bowman's attempts to track down his wife lead to a computer error that sends a check for $1.00 to everyone in Florida whose last name starts with the letter 'F'.
  • Heywood and Max, talking about the things they miss back on earth.
  • Chandra telling Heywood and Max about deactivating their "kill switch" for HAL, should he go rogue again. The looks on theirs faces screamed "...you bastard".
  • In the novel, the fact that both crews were fluent in both Russian and English led to some amusing situations, such as the three Americans realizing that they had been idly chatting in Russian for nearly 30 minutes at one point or conversations among them all changing language in mid conversation. One result was the 'Stamp out Rushlish' campaign, which was meant as a morale booster through humor than anything else.