28 Weeks Later/Fridge

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Fridge Logic

  • Don was clearly right that Alice shouldn't try to find the kid and justified in abandoning her when she refused to listen; even if by some miracle they'd made it out of that room without getting caught by the infected (it's difficult to see what Don could have done) there's simply no way that the kid could have made the sprint to the boat; it would be touch and go whether the adults would be able to make it. Given their escape plan is implied to be well-rehearsed, Don would have known this, and so too should Alice.
  • People complain that it was the kids who were responsible for bringing the infection into District 1, but it would have happened sooner or later anyway. It was only a matter of time before the soldiers would find Alice and bring her back, and things would have gone the way they did in the movie--all the kids did was speed it up.
    • You're assuming that someone else would have kissed Alice?
      • Don would still have kissed her (probably), no matter when or how she was found. Even if the kids hadn't escaped the safe zone and found her, the soldiers eventually would have. All it might have done was delay the inevitable, since apparently Don's kind of a moron. (As are the military, for not posting a frickin' guard at her door.)
    • Eh, she might have eventually died of starvation or some other disease... she wasn't in that great of a shape when they found her, and her food supply was just lousy with maggots.
  • The kids have been called irresponsible for letting themselves be airlifted to France even though Andy was a carrier, but neither one of them knew. They didn't know anything about Alice's status as a carrier or what that meant; all they knew was that Andy got bit and didn't turn crazy.
    • The sister knew, or at least seemed aware of the possibility. When the pilot asks if they are safe to board, she purposefully tries to hide her little brother and the way it's shot implies she's trying to keep them from seeing his eyes. It would make no sense to hide him (especially right after being asked if they were 'safe' ie: not infected) unless she thought he was, and her awareness to hide his eyes really drives that home.
  • Why would the military herd all the civilians into the same parking garage? All it did take was one Infected to re-ignite the epidemic. Confining them to their apartments and locking them in would have prevented that, since any Infected who did get in wouldn't have found a lot of people to infect. And if they had to put them all in one place, why didn't they make sure all the doors were properly locked? It didn't take much effort for Don to get in.

    While we're at it, they say that dead corpses still have the virus, and Great Britain is covered with them, SO WHY DID THEY START MOVING PEOPLE BACK IN WHEN THERE ARE BODIES ALL OVER THE PLACE?!
    • They cleared out the bodies in the places they were moving people into. Plus, it was highly unlikely that someone would, for example break out of the security, go into the uncleared zone, find an Infected corpse and eat it, get infected and re-enter the secure zone without being fired upon.
  • Also, how on earth do you have a possibly extremely dangerous woman quarantined, but don't have an armed guard with her at all times?
  • If we're looking at illogical Idiot Ball holders, let's begin by asking why the British government has such an Orwellian system of gun control in the first place. Had the Brits been armed with anything but melee weapons, they might have stopped the infection before it decimated their island. Sheesh, you'd think fighting the Nazis would teach us that gun control was suicidally naive...

Fridge Horror

  • Many of those who survived in Britain were taken to the film's setting. It's more or less a big screw you to anyone who saw the first film because it means that the first film's protagonists presumably were there and almost certainly were killed if they were there. It more or less makes the whole previous film a huge waste of time following characters who were going to die anyways.
    • There's no guarantee that the protagonists of the first movie would return to the UK after being evacuated. And indeed, given how 28 Days Later ended, the chance that any of them would be willing to live in a military-run quarantine zone is effectively nil.
  • The Infected in France. Think about that. The Virus decimated Britain in four WEEKS. It would spread like wildfire across france, it's neighbouring countries, and eventually Europe, Asia and Africa with only a few areas (the poles, the americas, the asian islands, Australia, New Zealand etc) clear of Infection.
    • A disease that virulent can't spread too far before burning itself out, in real life at least. The Infected don't show any incentive to move long distances unless they are chasing after people, so the chances are that after the biggest population centers are clear of the uninfected in one way or another, it becomes a waiting game, and normal people come out on top. Ofcourse millions would likely die before that would happen, ofcourse.
    • How is that Fridge horror? That is the entire point of the ending. They wouldn't have SHOWN the Eiffel Tower otherwise.