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2MattTV has had several Nightmare-worthy moments.

  • Richie's face when he attacks Zed in the Halloween video.
  • Rob Ross's video in which Elmo goes around killing people.
  • The killer deer that attacked Zed and attached him to his car.
  • The zombies from "Halloween News" are pretty scary.
  • In "Gun Safety Training Course" it is revealed that Zed shot One-Eye's eye out.
  • The idea of One-Eyed Willy killing Jasper the Game Warden.
  • The Walking Zed considering it was a post-apocalyptic horror movie-style plot.
  • The bear that ate Little Timmy in "Will Derness Episode 3".
  • Richie when he gets mad.
  • Attack of the Orange Remake is a video about a kid almost getting killed by the Annoying Orange.
  • The Groke, the scary villain from Moomins appearing at the end of "Minutes to Memories".
  • When the Boogeyman first appears in "Mr. Mcgee's Halloween Special".

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