A Chat with Satan/Quotes

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"Ha Shaitan shows up everywhere. Sometimes he's an angel. Sometimes he's got a pitchfork. Sometimes he's your best friend. Sometimes he's you. Everyone's favorite party guest, great conversationalist. He's got the best job in the universe - he sits down with with people and talks. He's got one agenda, always just one. He wants to get you to admit who you are. ... Temptation wouldn't be tempting if it didn't speak to hidden truth. People spend their lives lying to themselves about who they are. Most of them are so good at it they avoid growing up completely. But Satan...Satan is the friend who sits us down when we're most delusional and bounces our reality check. He's the lover who holds up the mirror when you can't bear to look in. He's Merlin, and Yoda, and Mephistopheles. Everyone who wants to grow up, sooner or later sits down and has a chat with Satan. Or they never grow up."
Amos Maple, Down From Ten