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  • Any heartwarming moment from the actual game that made it into the stories count.
  • Roy comes home to the dorm from a night of letting out anger on the Shadows in Tartarus to find Fuuka asleep on the couch, after trying to use her Persona to keep tabs on him during the Dark Hour. He decides to carry her all the way back to her room.
    • He even gets a thank-you note the next day.
  • Roy's online chat with his Uncle Shane. Given the history of Roy's family, any time he interacts with a family member is nice.
    • Roy's parents act as his final source of encouragement before sealing Nyx.
  • After months and months, in Chapter 50, Roy and Aigis admit their love for each other.
  • In Answer of Aeon, Junpei reveals just how good a friend he thought Roy to be.

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