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  • Most of the fights as the story go on get better and better, but special mention goes to Roy fighting the Reaper, especially the finishing blow.
    • Repeated again in the rematch. The best part? Since the Reaper was giving it his all, everyone else in SEES decided to join the battle as well.
  • When Fuuka blows a hole into the side of Tartarus.
  • Could double as a funny moment; Shinji mentions that he thinks Hamuko is sweeter than Mitsuru, catching the latter's frustration. His response?

"Yeah I said it."

  • The final encounter with the recurring thug, in Chapter 53. Not only Roy and Aigis, but Fuuka and their teacher saw some action as well.
  • For people who dislike Yukari, Chapter 5 of Answer of Aeon contains a good Shut UP, Hannibal, courtesy of Junpei.