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    The traditional stories of the Aboriginal people of Australia.

    The time before the Europeans come to Australia, though some particular myths have told the story about a white man that came to their land, bringing either great things or great harm. While the myths as a whole tend to be rather diverse, there are some common elements among the various aboriginal myths.

    In those times they lived in tribes, each tribe having different myths, so they will vary.

    A collection can be found here and another here.

    Tropes used in Aboriginal Australian Myths include:
    • Animal Motifs: A lot. A notable one would be the "Rainbow Serpent"
    • Creation Myth: Like most oral traditions, it has one- actually loads. Known as "Dreaming."
      • There is also the story of Baiame, who created the world.
    • Determinator: Wilkuda, a young boy who tracked down a kangaroo for many days before finally killing it with his dog.
    • End of an Age: In the Lake Eyre myths, the deserts of Central Australia used to be a much more fertile place.