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The Web Original

Katie: It's our inability to guiltlessly murder our loved ones that will bring about our ultimate downfall.
Michael: You're all living in a naive fantasy world.
Dan: You just called us pussies for not shooting our moms, didn't you?
Michael: *Starts talking about robots.*

Dan: The movie takes place in 1955--the year the Civil Rights Movement started!

Michael: Okay, why do you know what year the Civil Rights Movement started?

Dan: Why do you not?

    • Considering that Michael is clearly characterized as a Cloudcuckoolander and borderline Complete Monster (with which side he of the line he falls on being up for debate), this is probably intentional.
    • Building off of the above, in the Sitcom Characters episode, Soren seems almost ecstatic when he thinks Michael is about to confess to being a racist.