Alcatraz (TV series)/Heartwarming

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  • When Ray visits Tommy in the care unit after he just beat him up earlier, he tell him that he purposely took the job on Alcatraz so his brother wouldn't be alone. What nails the scene is that when Ray's about to walk away, Tommy grabs his hand and squeezes it to say "thank you".
  • In "Webb Porter," Hauser takes Porter to Lucy's bedside. Porter immediately looks stunned and concerned and follows the other doctor's instructions to help her without question or pause. And his blood is what wakes her up.
  • In general, Lucy's quiet care and support for all of the inmates is rather touching, and she really enjoys trying to heal her patients.
  • Tommy confesses to murder, with unknown veracity, to force Ray to leave Alcatraz. Placing him out of the reach of the Warden