Alien Abduction Incident in Lake County/Nightmare Fuel

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Caused many a nightmare and sleepless night for kids who saw it on TV back in 1998 who didn't realise it was a hoax ( and even for some of those who did.) ---

  • When the aliens open fire on Tommy and his brothers
  • When the aliens can be heard moving around on the roof, and then one of them is briefly glimpsed climbing into the upstairs window
  • The scene where Tommy is ambushed by one of the aliens in his room, during which Tommy enters a trance and doesn't seem to remember the incident after
  • The sinister red glow and visual pixellation that foreshadows the aliens' presence
  • When the family is cornered and mind-controlled into submission by the aliens at the end
  • When the little girl hides the ammo after taking it out of the shotgun. This bites them all in the ass later, as you can see Tommy trying in vain to fire on the aliens in the final scene.
  • Melissa getting hit by the floating light, and her subsequent seizure and death on the couch.
  • Gunfire in the distance, followed by a bright red light, and the total silence outside afterwards.

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