All-Star Superman/Nightmare Fuel

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  • Sure Lois was suffering chemical paranoia at the time but the events are scary when you think about it especially Superman stalker super-speed entrance with the flowers while she is alone in the fortress surrounded by terminator faced robots. Also right after as Superman is explaining thing it's still pretty scary. When did he get his measurements? He memorized her genetic code? Think about that a moment, a man with the power of a god has secretly got your measurements and memorized every line of your genetic code without your knowledge?
  • The Bizarro invasion. Imagine a cube shaped world that eats other worlds, that emerges from a dimension beneath ours. The Bizarros themselves are especially creepy. Hordes of misshapen zombie-like duplicates screaming backwards nonsense, that when they touch someone, that person loses their face and BECOMES a Bizarro.
  • The Human Bomb in the first issue. A bloated, skull faced mutant ranting about blowing himself and how it's his ambition!