All Red Entry (Darth Wiki)

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    All red entry is an article made out of red links. Of course, this is a lot easier to do than this article's evil-er twin, all blue entry, because you can just internal link every word, Or Wiki Word Every Thing Here, or pothole some nonsense that you made up. However, if someone makes any of these into an article, we're F'd. As an example, while this article used to be a Self-Demonstrating Article, it's not anymore. You can avoid this, however, by linking to uneditable articles that show up as a red link However, eh, This Troper is the only one... Please note: this will hurt your eyes, unlike all blue entry.

    There's another problem: On All The Tropes, red links are invitations to create pages, as long as they're in our mandate. So nothing stays red.

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