All The Tropes:Language policy

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On the main All The Tropes site, English is our primary language and lingua franca. While we cover works from all over the world, we discuss them in English. That said, it's usually worthwhile to create redirects so that a work can be found by its native language title, and by its translated and/or English marketing title.

If you're interested in what kind of words aren't allowed, see ATT:SLUR.

If you wish to create a foreign language version of All The Tropes, please contact the Miraheze administration concerning the technical details, and the local ATT administrators for any foreign translation resources we might have on hand to assist your foreign language fork.

All wikis are to be connected via interwiki linking where possible.

If you wish to see previous versions of this policy, or you want to know when this policy was last updated and what was changed, please review the page history by selecting "History" from the menu at the top of this page.