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These userboxes are for displaying your nationality.

Userbox Code to copy/paste to your user page
Flag of Australia.svg This troper is from Australia.

{{Aussie Troper}}
Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg This troper is from Canada.
Ce tropeur vient du Canada.

{{Canadian Troper}}
Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg This troper is from China.

{{Chinese Troper}}
Flag of Denmark.svg This troper is from Denmark.
Denne troper er fra Danmark.

{{Danish Troper}}
Flag of Finland.svg This Troper is from Finland.
Tämä Troper on Suomesta.

{{Finnish Troper}}
Flag of France.svg This troper is from France.
Ce tropeur vient de la France.

{{France Troper}}
Flag of Germany.svg This Troper is from Germany.
Dieser Troper kommt aus Deutschland.

{{German Troper}}
Flag of India.svg This troper is from India.
यह टुकड़ी भारत की है।

{{Indian Troper}}
Flag of Ireland.svg This troper is from Ireland.

{{Irish Troper}}
Flag of Israel.svg This troper is from Israel.
הצנחן הזה מישראל.

{{Israeli Troper}}
Flag of Jamaica.svg This Troper is from Jamaica.

{{Jamacian Troper}}
Flag of Japan.svg This troper is from Japan.

{{Japanese Troper}}
Flag of Kenya.svg This Troper is from Kenya.
Troper hii inatoka Kenya.

{{Kenyan Troper}}
Flag of Mexico.svg This troper is from Mexico.
Este troper es de mexico.

{{Mexican Troper}}
Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg This troper is from Saudi Arabia.
هذا القائد من السعودية.

{{Saudi Troper}}
Flag of Scotland.svg This troper is from Scotland.
'S ann à Alba a tha an tròcair seo.

{{Scottish Troper}}
Flag of South Africa.svg This troper is from South Africa.
Le troper ivela eMzantsi Afrika.
Le troper ivela eNingizimu Afrika.
Hierdie tropper is van Suid-Afrika.

{{South African Troper}}
Flag of South Korea.svg This Troper is from the Republic of Korea.
이 송어는 한국 출신이다.

{{South Korean Troper}}
Spain flag 300.png This Troper is from Spain.
Este troper es de España.

{{Spanish Troper}}
Flag of Sweden.svg This Troper is from Sweden.
Den här trollkarlen är från Sverige.

{{Swedish Troper}}
Flag of Syria.svg This troper is from Syria.
هذا القائد من سوريا.

{{Syrian Troper}}
Flag of Uganda.svg This Troper is from Uganda.
Troper hii inatoka Uganda.

{{Ugandan Troper}}
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg This troper is from the United Kingdom.

{{UK Troper}}
Flag of the United States.svg This troper is from the United States.

{{USA Troper}}
Flag of Wales 2.svg This troper is from Wales.
Daw'r troper hwn o Gymru.

{{Welsh Troper}}