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Kinds of Sports Tropers are Fans of and like to take part.

Userbox Code to copy/paste to your user page
Football Pallo valmiina-cropped.jpg This Troper is a football (soccer) fan.
{{Association Football Troper}}
Archie Manning Ret Number.png This Troper enjoys Gridiron Football.
{{American Football Troper}}
Pictograms-nps-land-archery-2.svg This Troper is into Archery.

{{Archery Troper}}
Baseball (crop).jpg This Troper loves Baseball.
{{Baseball Troper}}
Basketball.png This troper likes to play Basketball.
{{Basketball Troper}}
Billiards balls.jpg The Troper enjoys to play Pool.
{{Billiards Troper}}
20190118A Plastic house bowling ball conventional grip.jpg This Troper Loves Bowling.
{{Bowling Troper}}
Cricket pictogram.svg This Troper Likes to Play Cricket.
{{Cricket Troper}}
Bicycle dimensions (german).svg This Troper is a Cyclist or enjoying cycling.
{{Cycling Troper}}
Golfball.jpg This Troper is a Golfer
{{Golf Troper}}
Hockey Stick and Puck.png This Troper enjoys Ice Hockey.
{{Ice Hockey Troper}}
Babolatpuredriveplus.jpg This Troper enjoys Tennis.
{{Tennis Troper}}
Volleyball (indoor) pictogram.svg This Troper loves to play Volleyball.
{{Volleyball Troper}}