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Sadly, as long as raids remain isolated from quest progression outside of them, stuff like this is what we get; rather than tell us a story in the game itself, they plaster stuff on their web page so that they don't have to write the story into the actual raid.
It's extremely haphazard, and results in things like the unlikely-to-ever-be-updated encyclopedia on the official WoW site that they added to explain all the TBC stuff that they didn't feel like comprehensively explaining in-game. The resulting sense of detachment feels like watching a movie without sound and being expected to download a transcript at home and read it to get the character dialogue.

Secondary content should complement and enhance the actual game, not outright replace it.

"Reassembly is the reverse of disassembly"

"...except you swear in different places."
—Parody of Haynes repair manuals, original source unknown.

I've seen people complain that Bungie doesn't include enough material from the books in the games, as though they should be part of a single interlocking experience where the story arc weaves from medium to medium like a drunk driver slaloming along the Interstate.

—Well known admonishment to electronics users.
The name of this world is Nalthis, by the way. Mistborn takes place on a world called Scadrial, and Elantris on a world known as Sel. See the fun things you learn by reading annotations?