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  • Larry doing the world a huge favor by beating Hayden to death with a shovel.
    • Doubles as a CMOF: "She's still moving"
  • Ben showing up at Larry Harvey's house, revealing he knows the story of him murdering his own family was fake, and subsequent telling off, is awesome.
  • Patrick giving Tate a much deserved ass beating.
  • Even though it doesn't work, Violet trying to banish Chad from the house. Just furthers how badass she can get when her family is threatened.
    • Also at the end When she tells of, and then banishes, Tate. What's ironic is that he's the one who showed her how to.
  • The whole scare fest The Harmon's put on, to scare the new buyers out of the house.
  • Ben completely and utterly taking Tate the fuck down with an absolutely crippling Shut UP, Hannibal.