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  • Why is this trope almost always portrayed on this site as "Westerners can't possibly grasp the greatness of X thing from Japan?"
    • Be warned that any attempt at answering this question will result in a massive bitchfight between those tropers who love anime/manga and those who don't.
    • First, notice how not every example is from Japan or related to anime/manga.Second, you can chalk it up to minor amounts of Values Dissonance. Sasuke is unpopular with Americans due to our hatred toward the Emo Teen character, but popular in his home country partly on the side of fangirls who like is broody nature, and well, again, check the Values Dissonance page.
    • And also, the people who add examples on this page are almost always those who like Tingle ('Tingle' here referring to any character/show which is liked in its country of origin but not in others) -- so naturally, they would let some of their resentment show here. YMMV pages are impossible to maintain in a completely neutral way, which is why they're YMMV in the first place.
    • I also see another version of this-something like "X thing is huge in America but not in Japan/Britain/Australia/etc., because Japan/Britain/Australia have good taste, unlike those stupid Americans."
    • Because it's all in your head. I have not seen one example (at least ones of things I care about) being biased towards Japan.
    • Because diffrent people like diffrent things. Some people like Tingle and thats okay, while others not so much. In short its just Fanboys being fanboys.
    • To address the specific way the question is phrased: ego-stroking mixed in with a bit of Misplaced Nationalism and / or Cultural Posturing. Pure and simple.
  • I find it funny the page says that Xbox and Xbox 360 are "considered" to be FPS platforms, where the only titles one ever really hears much about for those systems are FPS titles. And the best part is Microsoft simply pushes the most popular titles and that's the only thing America seems to like to that degree.
    • I do say this knowing full well people won't like what I have to say.
    • I don't really understand what you have to say. People are saying that the Xbox is an FPS platform, and it is? Therefore...?