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Matt heads over to find Azar so he can totally curb-stomp her?

  • Thrown off a bridge at the end of AtA. Well, actually... No, yeah. Thrown off a bridge.

Malaika is secretly a Dalek!

  • Or a cyberwoman~

One (or more) of the characters has MPD!

  • WHOA WHOA WHOA, I think that's pushing it a little! The Author would never!

Lilael gets her voice back by the end of the book thanks to a deal she makes with Mohcht.

Genevieve gets a new flower in her bowler hat. It dies an hour later.

  • Well... partially? I mean, the previous daffodil was ripped to shreds so... We can only assume...

Shasta is...

  • planning something big concerning the death of Luxiette and some alchemy.
  • actually the one-eyed prince.

The Eve executions will turn up again.

Mohcht will be sealed up again by the end of DtD

  • Jossed.

Eleanor does something really awesome and is remembered for the rest of eternity.

  • She exists.

Iris is...

  • someone who Lucifer and Jericho can't trust.
  • actually not evil or anything related to evil at all.
  • a rainbow [goddess]!