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  • His response to "why does Daddy hit Mommy?" is just a little too close to how Domestic Abusers think.
  • It probably helps if you're a fan of the book, but his quoting of the Happy Place George gives Lenny before he kills him is really well done.
  • Sitting on a Trauma Swing with the halves of his pipe still in both of his hands. You almost want to give him a hug.
    • Especially if you watch early episodes beforehand where he's all calm and collected, seeing him break so bad under the "true or false" question later is incredibly unsettling.
  • There's something unsettlingly raw about his self-hating "you're a grown man now!" rant.
  • Lampshaded example in the second DVD:

Narrator: Did I ever tell the story about my friend, Chris? Who got on a treadmill? With a skateboard?
ATG: [smiling and chinhanding on the bar table] No! Tell me all about it!
Narrator: Um... I didn't ask the question.
ATG: [still in same tone] You have three seconds.
Narrator: Well, I-I don't really know what to say...

  • ATG starts screaming and shooting*

Narrator: Tell my wife she gets nothing... *dies*

ATG: Ohh, now I can live a blissful life without the narrator. *immediately eats his gun*

Caption: It's been decided that this ending is far too depressing to be shown on DVD. We present to you this substitute.

  • ATG then crushes a random puppy first, and afterwards sodomizes it with his pipe.*

Caption: Fuck it.

  • Episode 62's rampant humiliation. Technically he had it coming, but it's still uncomfortable to watch. Not even Critic had to stoop that low.