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  • In issue 4, Allison, Marcus's old girlfriend, develops a crush on Daniel, which the surrounding material in the comic refers to as a "heterosexual temptation" for him. He turns it down because he already has a boyfriend. In the very same issue he has a partner-swapping game with David and Vince, and in the next issue participates in a giant orgy.
    • So flings and random sex are the same as wanting a long term relationship now?
      • Furries. This troper is one, he would know. That's pretty much the only explanation, I'm afraid.
        • True, but I think poster #2 had the right point. There is a big difference between wanting someone in a long-term relationship and just having a fling/sex. The real issue here, I should think, is that while tempted, Daniel turned her down due to having a boyfriend, implying he's only interested in guys now...even though he had never done anything with them before the first issue and started off very hesitant and unsure. It is, of course, possible that due to his upbringing Daniel had repressed feelings for men all along, and Marcus just helped him become comfortable with that...but due to the writing it still comes off as Suddenly Sexuality, which makes his turning Allison down a bit of a head-scratcher. Especially since, if the portfolios are to believed, Marcus would have been happy to do a threesome with them. (And was bi himself anyway.)