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  • Any sequence involving the man in the bag.
  • Actually, pretty much anything Takashi Miike touches. If you have seen his contribution to Masters of Horror, "Imprint", it can be very painful. If you haven't seen it, for the love of God, keep it that way. Your sanity thanks you in advance.
  • The scenes where Asami puts cheese wire to good use. While giggling like a schoolgirl. Viewers may be reduced to peeking through their fingers during these scenes and trying vainly not to think about their feet suffering the same fate...
  • Also, "Kiri kiri kiri" (Cut cut cut)... although it's translated incorrectly in the subtitles as "deeper".
  • The torture sequence made it into Bravo's One Hundred Scariest Movie Moments. This should be a big clue.

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