Blood Angels/Awesome

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  • Mephiston:
    • He tears apart a Carnifex with his bare hands.
    • Conquering the Black Rage.
    • Beating Ka'Bandha.
  • Lemartes:
    • His new model.
    • He still retains his mind, even tough he is on the grip of the Black Rage.
  • Commander Dante:
    • A Space Marine that lived more than a thousand years? This is a universe where everything is trying to kill you, and even with constant fighting he is still alive.
    • Being chosen as the overall commander of the Second Armaggedon War.
  • Rafen
    • Using the Spear of Telesto to banish Malfallax back to the Warp.
    • Using the Spear of Telesto to bring back the Blood Angels who had fallen to the Black Rage.