Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown/Headscratchers

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  • Violette sends a letter to Charlie Brown inviting him to France, but gives no other explanation nor mention her inhospitable uncle warning them they could be staying outside.
    • Charlie Brown sure runs a long way in a short time to warn people about the fire.
    • Who lets four 8-year olds and a dog rent a car with the dog as the driver? The French I guess.
    • Violette must be homeschooled by The Baron since she doesn't see Charlie Brown at school and thus never get a chance to meet earliar.
  • Speaking of the letter Violette sends, it's shown later that she can speak and understand English, so it's odd that she wrote to Charlie Brown in French in the first place. It's a good thing Marcie learned French though as it leads to another headscratcher: where were Charlie Brown and Linus going to stay if they didn't get Violette's invitation? In fact, they didn't even know it was an invitation to stay with her until they were on the plane, so what was the plan up until then?