Boogiepop Phantom/Nightmare Fuel

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  • The fifth episode, centered around a theoretically normal chat between two cops... that gets less and less normal and more and more disturbing as the episode goes on.
  • Two episodes previous. A girl claims to have found some sort of zen acceptance of all life's horrors and beauties, having adopted this philosophy from a friend who died a couple years ago. Then the friend appears--her face half-covered in blood, her eyes unfocused--and she shakily raises her hand to point at this girl and shouts "LIAR!" The end of the episode has the same girl stumbling down an alleyway, her entire world falling apart around her. And then she finds a policeman, running towards him...only for the policeman to turn out to be the Manticore and eat her alive (and you're treated to a lovely 1st person camera shot from the girl's perspective as this happens.)