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    Pages currently marked for speedy deletion. On All The Tropes, "speedy" might mean "after a month or two to let Tropers say why the pages shouldn't be deleted"... or it might mean "nuke it immediately, to protect the wiki".

    Because There Is No Such Thing as Notability, work pages do not ever get deleted unless they are bogus, plagiarized, or otherwise violate wiki rules.

    To add a page to this list, put the delete template on it, like so: {{delete|replace this text with the reason why}}. Any delete template without a reason given runs the risk of being removed from the page, with the page remaining otherwise intact.

    See also Category:Undeletable files for files that we know should be deleted but cannot be deleted due to a database error.

    This category is linked from the Community Portal. Please do not delete it even if it is empty. (That'd be like throwing away your trashcan every time it was emptied; what sense would that make?!)

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