Conspiracy Kitchen Sink/Playing With

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    Basic Trope: All conspiracy theories are true.

    • Straight: Alice discovers that every conspiracy theory she's ever read about is in fact true.
    • Exaggerated: ... As well as the conspiracy theories about conspiracy theories, and conspiracies that haven't even been theorized yet.
    • Justified: The various conspiracies have all perfected the art of marginalizing all publications that would expose them, relegating the truth to "conspiracy theories".
    • Inverted: Conspiracy theories are never true, and they are each revealed as such to anyone who investigates them.
    • Subverted: Alice, our protagonist, becomes involved with a group of dedicated conspiracy investigators who, despite initially compelling evidence, instead end up proving that all of their hunches are wrong.
    • Double Subverted: A new piece of evidence is discovered that reveals the previous "conclusive" evidence as an intentional red herring to cover the conspiracies' tracks.
    • Parodied: Every action, no matter how mundane, is dictated by conspiratorial organizations, even including the direction that water drains from toilet bowls.
    • Deconstructed: The Illuminati and various other conspiratorial organizations are all shown to be clearly powerful, but each have their own version of history and who was responsible for what.
    • Reconstructed: The various conspiracies are shown to be in a kind of gang war, each trying to one-up the other both by trying to carry out new actions and taking credit for past ones.
    • Zig Zagged: Alice discovers a series of ancient conspiracies, but they all turn out to be fallacious. The conspiracies that created the conspiracy theories, on the other hand...
    • Averted: No mention is ever made of conspiracies or conspiracy theorists.
    • Enforced: The author is very interested in conspiracy theories and wants to draw from his extensive research on them in his writing.
    • Lampshaded: "These conspiracies must be true. After all, if they weren't, would we be devoting so much time to uncovering them?"
    • Invoked: Conspiracy theorists are in on the masquerade, intentionally planted by the conspiracies for the purpose of trickling details about them in the form of "theories" so as to promote a climate of uncertainty and paranoia.
    • Exploited: Conspiracy theorists, knowing they're onto something, contact the shadowy organizations directly, offering to become their allies and/or their puppets in return for their protection.
    • Defied: The conspiracies work hard to ensure there are no theories spread about them.
    • Discussed: "These leaked CIA files probably prove that every conspiracy nut's theories are true."
    • Conversed: "The show's called Conspiracies. Of course, they claim that every conspiracy theory ever is true."
    • Played For Laughs: The members of conspiratorial organizations are shown to themselves believe in other, grander conspiracies that also turn out to be true, and so on ad absurdum.
      • It turns out that because of how many conspiracies working at cross-purposes that they exert little-to-no influence on the affairs of the world, since they're too busy countering other moves.
    • Played For Drama: Alice discovers that she herself has been unwittingly playing to the tune of the conspiracies her whole life without realizing it.

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