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  • In chapter 68, Euphemia is being held hostage by a terrorist. Body shield, gun to the head, etc. Lelouch and Jeremiah bust in with Knightmares to save her but Lelouch is unable to do anything because his Knightmare doesn't have any weapons that will kill the guy without harming Euphy. Just as he begins to panic, unable to formulate a way to save her, Jeremiah shoots the terrorist in the head and saves Euphy's life. I'm not making it sound all that impressive, but trust me, it was awesome.
  • A personal one for the author of the fic herself, anytime someone trolls, she will address whatever it is at the end of a future chapter, stating why the troll is wrong is such a calm fashion. To me seeing her own the trolls is such a civil and level-headed way is so awesome. :)