Demonic Possession/Quotes

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Daemon, I name thee! By the writ of the Holy Ordos, I abjure thee! With silver and sacred fire, I burn thee! With the armour of contempt, I mock thee! Perish in the formless pit of nightmare that spawned thee! In the name of the Emperor, Daemon, I cast thee out!
"Assuming direct control."
Harbinger, Mass Effect 2

I'd already seen hums do an exorcism. They chant while calling on their gods, and some even leap about throwing all sorts of smelly, colored powders at the head of the possessed.
It's a hell of a spectacle, especially when the demon gets bored and decides to finish with the absurd charades.
If you just needed to sing a couple of songs, and do a few dance steps to banish the darkness, we'd all be feeling the divine light bathing our skin from dawn til dusk.

Nains #8: Sriza of the Temple