• The end of the first movie, when John finally meets up with Al Powell, who stood by his side when the FBI and everyone didn't and defended him, despite never meeting face to face before. They didn't even say their names or had any introductions. They simply looked at each other in the eye and knew automatically who the other was. Not only that, but despite being beaten, wounded and exhausted, McClane rushes to Powell giving him a big hug as he laugh/cries into his shoulder.
  • The Big Damn Kiss after John saves Holly in the first movie.
  • While it was brief, Takagi's meeting of McClane was heartwarming. Before Takagi even met John, he knew enough from Holly to personally rent the limo that brought John to Nakatomi Plaza. Upon meeting him, he boasts about Holly's contribution to the work and even shares a joke with him. There's a reason why John deeply regrets not saving Takagi when he had the chance.

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