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  • In Die Hard With a Vengeance, McClane and Zeus defuse a bomb in a park, and then carry it with them because some kids might be hurt. When they hand it over to the bad guys' Mooks, posing as cops, one starts to leave it behind when they're called back to base, only for his partner to berate him for leaving it where it could hurt some kids. When it later turns out the bomb planted in a school was a distraction, Simon points out that he could never hurt children, as he's not a monster.
    • Also note that the bombs he *does* set off are in a storefront before business hours and in the subway station under Wall Street, neither of which would likely have any kids in it on a work day.
    • However, when the cop is finished berating his friend for considering leaving it, they take it with them. They later use this bomb to blow up the dam, flooding the aqueduct. It was a live bomb. Simon may be a monster after all. That said, he may have anticipated the Good Samaritan's actions.
  • Why does the electromagnetic lock from the first movie open when the power is cut? It would make a lot more sense to design it to remain closed unless power is applied to it.
    • Electromagnets are only magnetic because of electricity, so if you cut off the power, then there is nothing to keep the electromagnet sealed.
    • The electromagnetic lock was the only lock that was still working. Theo had gotten through or past all the rest of them. So when the power stops going to the electromagnetic lock, that means all the locks are open, so they can get through.
  • If Hans is able to effortlessly speak English with a perfect American accent, why does he bother speaking in a German accent at all? No one I know prefers to sound accented in any non-native language.
    • Speaking in an American accent takes effort, speaking with his normal accent does not.
    • Why didn't they get Alan Rickman to do a German accent properly anyhow (he's obviously good with accents?) It's really distracting to have Hans Gruber sound so British, even if it is handwaved with him going to school in England.
      • He actually sounds a lot like most Germans who learn to speak English well without much of a German accent do.
    • Hans criticizes American culture and society numerous times throughout the movie. Why would he use the accent of a country he clearly doesn't like too much?