Digimon Full Force

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A Digimon Fan Fiction with... questionable content, to say the least. The basic premise has Amy, a young girl, befriending Alicia, a girl who seems to care a lot about her appearance. However, they also have to take down Gigimon and save both planets, something which really interferes with their daily life. The other main characters include:

  • Samantha, the Deadpan Snarker of the group. Simply put, she doesn't really like this whole Digimon business and spends most of her time playing cards with her partner rather than actually try to fight them off.
  • Holly; a stubborn and loud little girl. She's engrossed in her appearance, but actually cares quite a lot about her companions. She spends most of her time picking on Amy and is disgusted by how little she cares about fashion.
  • Alexander, a cheerful and easygoing young boy, and also the youngest of the group. He knows a lot more than he should, but still keeps a happy outlook.
  • Skye, a quiet and calculating boy. He's the oldest of the group, but seems to forget that the others all look him up to him and usually just goes off on his own.

What happens next is anybody's guess, but one thing is for sure: It's really, really... weird.

Tropes used in Digimon Full Force include: