Dirty Rotten Scoundrels/Heartwarming

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  • Several, from the musical.
    • Back when Andre is still trying to get rid of Muriel, she wistfully asks if he'll miss him. He irritably points out that this will only happen if she leaves. Later, when they are in love and reluctantly parting ways at the airport, he tries desperately stalling her. Finally, he says ("simply and directly," the script says), "I'll miss you."

Muriel: Will you?
Andre: Only if you leave.

    • Word of God and Fridge Brilliance team up for this one. When Christine is leaving with Lawrence's money, the script calls for her to look "momentarily troubled by something. We should not know what." She was torn even then.
    • The whole scene where Lawrence is comforting Christine after she's been betrayed by Freddy. He's so gentle with her, even taking her confession that she slept with Freddy in stride.
    • Lawrence--sophisticated, distinguished, suave, impeccable Lawrence--is sputtering with rage that Freddy hurt Christine so badly. OOC Behavior Is Serious Business indeed.
    • Christine deciding to come back.

Christine: Sometimes you get homesick for the damndest things.
Lawrence: Welcome home.

    • Lawrence and Freddy finally admitting that they had an incredible time together, leading into Dirty Rotten Number and the Reprise/Finale--both seriously heartwarming moments in their entirety. It's all about how it was an amazing adventure, a blast, they loved it all, they wouldn't trade a single day, but every chapter has to end--and then finding out it doesn't have to end, and they can keep conning people together. Ignoring the part where they find out the adventures can continue, the Reality Subtext regularly reduces high school senior who perform it to tears.

Time again, you may recall,
the moment when you had it all.

You had the charm, you had the talent--
—and by God, you're having fun!
    • Freddy's reaction to Christine's declaration of love. He's thrilled at first at winning the bet--and then it sinks in.

I made her like me!
I made her care!
And now she's ready--
and right in there!
She said she loved me!
She said--

—she said she loved me?