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  • Bile Fascination: Nobby gets this from high society. One of the nobs describes it as him having "charisn'tma".
  • Complete Monster meets Moral Event Horizon: The deaths of William and Mrs. Easy are used as a barometer, albeit more or less unconsciously, for this twice.
    • Mr Carry seems like a victim of circumstance and an unwitting pawn, almost sympathetic... and then his reaction to finding out the plot he was part of led to the death of a old woman and a fourteen-month child is "Were they important?"

Carrot: "I was almost feeling sorry for you. Right up to this point. You are a lucky man. (...) We got to you before Commander Vimes did.

  • Funny Aneurysm Moment: Wee Mad Arthur's comment that his grandpa was once trodden on by a bull, which got one of its horns twisted off for the offense, becomes a bit more serious after I Shall Wear Midnight reveals that Arthur was raised by gnomes, not his fellow Nac Mac Feegles. As gnomes aren't as aggressive or resistant to injury as pictsies, it's likely that his adoptive grandfather was seriously hurt, and Arthur himself twisted off the bull's horn as payback.