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  • Anghammarad (a golem), having tried its damnedest to save letters from a fire, is hit by cold water. Cold water + red-hot clay = explosion. When it ends up in the desert before the afterlife, Death informs it that the afterlife is on the other side.

Anghammarad: I Will Stay Here, Please.
Death: Here? There's nothing to do here.
Anghammarad: Yes, I Know. It Is Perfect. I Am Free.

  • Earlier, when the postmen are leery about letting golems join them, Anghammarad tells them the story of how he has been a messenger for nineteen thousand years, and Moist says to the postmen "And you are judging him?" They end up giving him the title of Extremely Senior Postman.
  • During the night, Moist is tormented by a vision of a farmer Driven to Suicide by his first scam. The next morning, he's greeted by an ecstatic couple. The letter he delivered the previous day was a marriage proposal and the lady said yes. The guy hands him a pack of wedding invitations, a handful of coins, and says "I'm so glad you're back in business!"

Mr. Pump: How does it feel to make someone's life better Mr. Lipwig?
Moist: Unusual.

  • The hints that Sachrissa and William got married.

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