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  • Maladict's 'Nam flashbacks... er, "flashsides".

Maladict: Charlie's tracking us!
Polly: Who's Charlie?

    • Particularly how they were contagious. Polly didn't have any idea what helicopters were, hadn't even heard the term ... but she could almost hear the rotors and nearly saw them coming into the "LZ"....
    • The coffee scene.
  • The entire sequence where the girls dressed as boys dress up as girls to sneak into the enemy's fortress. And nearly don't pass. In particular:

"Did you bring a weapon, Tonk -- Magda?"
"No, Polly."
"No item of any sort with a certain weaponlike quality?"
"No, Polly."
"Anything, perhaps, with an edge?"
"Oh, you mean this?"
"Yes, Magda."
"Well, a woman can carry a knife, can't she?"
"It's a saber, Magda. You're trying to hide it, but it's a saber."
"But I'm only using it like a knife, Polly."
"It's three feet long, Magda."
"Size isn't important, Polly."
"Nobody believes that."

  • When the soldiers dress as washerwomen in order to sneak into the hold, the only one who convinces the guards that he's a female is Blouse, while the others are declared to be "obviously male". The hilarious part is that Blouse is the only actual male in the group.
  • When Polly Perks informs Blouse of his squad's gender swap, he mentions the "Amazon Warriors of Samothrip". Some Other IP (Intellectual Property)
  • "I do not drink... horse piss."
  • The description of what walking through a wood must be like for an ornithologist: "It's hard to be an ornithologist and walk through a wood when all around you the world is shouting 'Bugger off, this is my bush! Arrg, the nest thief! Have sex with me, I can make my chest big and red!'