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  • Death borrows a Leather Robe from the Dean (In a coat he borrowed from the Dean. Get it?), then steals the Librarian's homebuilt, steampunk, motorcycle, sets it on blue fire, Ghost Rider style, and blasts out of the library cellar, rides out of town through the solid oak gate, leaving trails of blue flame behind him, with a black rose in his teeth. Made only slightly more awesome by the fact that the Motorcycle doesn't quite make the trip, leaving Death inches above the ground going at an absurd speed on what is a motorcycle of blue light, only to have him smash into a canyon wall and pull himself back together.
  • The moment when Death smashes his scythe, takes a shard of it for a guitar pick, "took a stance that Crash would have died to achieve," and plays the chord that will end the universe.
    • It's not time for THAT! Play something else! / I cannot. (and who else could make the statement "I cannot" sound Badass?)
    • This is even better when you realise that Death is incapable of playing any music, as mentioned in earlier books.
    • The Guitar of Ultimate Power, silenced with a single sweep of a pick made from the broken scythe of the Reaper. Deathrock indeed.
    • The guy is the poster child for The Power of Rock, after all.
  • The Death of Rats, at the end, being the one who picks up the soul of the newly departed Mr. Clete, who had been an annoying thorn in everyone's side the entire time. He wasn't even worth the time of the real Death! And then the Death of Rats mocks his laugh.
  • "And Death stood up"