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  • A minor one, but pretty awesome. Rincewind tells Hrun to flip a coin. Hrun tells him to call it in the air, heads or tails. He flips it, and...

Rincewind: Edge.

    • Guess what the coin lands on?
  • Any and all accounts of Rincewind's jaded Genre Savvy.
  • Twoflower manages to summon up a dragon—just by imagining it. And it's better than the dragons summoned up by people who knew it was possible.
  • The Luggage, for one, must have quite a lot of these, being the most badass suitcase with feet known to man. That eats people.
    • Its only function in life is to follow its owner. That shouldn't imply eternal existential rage, carnivorous habits, walk-through-walls stubbornness or the inability to grasp that it shouldn't be able to follow its owner to other dimensions: but there we are. Nothing can stop it... although it often gets delayed or sent to the wrong location when its owner travels by air.