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  • Tiffany Aching smacking Jenny Greenteeth senseless with a frying pan. She then proceeds to get more and more badass (staring the Headless Horseman in "the eyes he hasn't got", outwitting a trio of grimhounds, owning the Fairy Queen...)
  • Granny Aching putting the Baron in his place, and helping the donkey; this woman has Granny Weatherwax levels of awesome.
    • Even Weatherwax, who can be quite prideful at times, admits this... which, coming from her, means that above statement could be rewritten as "Weatherwax has Granny Aching levels of awesome."
  • Pretty much everything that the Nac Mac Feegle say and do. They are also six inches tall on average. Case in point: can you knock out a demon horse by headbutting it? I didn't think so.
  • It is said that, if you leave a saucer of milk out for the pictsies, they will break into your cottage and steal everything in your drinks cabinet.
  • Granny Weatherwax takes off her hat to Tiffany.